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Russell Dickerson Shares His Truth On Brand New Self-Titled Album

The project that superstar Russell Dickerson has poured his heart into has finally arrived. Russell Dickerson: THE ALBUM arrives after plentiful time spent in the production process, where the singer deliberately crafted and perfected material that represents his authentic self. "This music is me. It's who I am. The creative, the sounds, the stories, it's everything I want to say," he shared on Instagram.

Every track on the personal project is a masterpiece in its own way. The upbeat, catchy "She Likes It" details the little things he loves about his relationship with his wife. Fans who've ever been in love can connect to the feeling of small everyday pleasures making the connection special. "She Likes It" is one of the album's most energetic yet most sentimental tracks, rendering it especially memorable. The poignant "I Still Believe" details what Dickerson holds close to his heart as a true country boy. It features hard-hitting production, as well as feel-good lyrics such as "The best girl is mine, the best night's tonight with that sky dripping gold." The standout "Beers To The Summer" hooks us with an irresistible melody that especially complements Dickerson's vocal style, not to mention that it makes us nostalgic for warmer times.

In the singer/songwriter's third studio album, he presents many sides of himself to listeners. This project is one of the artist's most thematically and sonically diverse, but it still answers one central question: who is Russell Dickerson? Detailed storytelling reveals numerous aspects of his life as a husband, father, writer, performer, and much more. With several tracks employing expert imagery, Dickerson allows fans to visualize his everyday life and thought processes. Russell Dickerson: THE ALBUM in a way serves as his breakthrough, with the star re-establishing himself as he enters a new chapter of his music career.

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