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Ryan Jesse's "You're Telling Me" Has Country And Rock Colliding For The Perfect Crossover Tune

If you are looking for the perfect country/rock crossover, Ryan Jesse has you covered!

Born in upstate New York, Ryan Jesse has always loved the harder sounds of rock and the vidid storytelling that country music can provide. His latest single You're Telling Me is the perfect example of what.

The guitar heavy tune tells the story of a man in love with a woman who all the sudden changes her tune. Her friend group and who attitude changes, I am sure we can all think of that person.

I was dating this girl for a while and thing’s were going great. Head over heels in love, thought she was the one," Ryan told All Country News. All of a sudden she had this new group of friends, she was picking fights with me when she would drink, etc. There was this guy that I didn’t like because I knew something was up and he was trying to be more than “just a friend” and she kept reassuring me," Ryan continued.

Come to find out his gut was right and the song was born. The sharpness of that feeling is centerstage in You're Telling Me. Ryan's gritty whiskey soaked vocal is backed up by a heavy beat and a strong drum.

Drawing inspiration from country story telling with energy from his rock and metal roots, Ryan has created a unique musical style and sound that will both resonate as well as set him apart. Blending the country music story structure and the traditional sounds of heavy rock, Ryan is leaning Ito his own and we hope it stays that way.


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