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SACHA Embraces Her Roots In "Call It Country" (Feat. Jade Eagleson)

The Canadian country stars did not come to play around this past weekend. Between Meghan Patrick with "My Left Hand," and SACHA teaming up with Jade Eagleson for "Call It Country," the singers from our northern neighbor are blessing us with our new favorite songs.

2022 has so far served as SACHA's breakthrough year. "Call It Country" follows the rising star's sophomore EP, We Did, which features a smash hit with incredible wordplay entitled "What The Truck." She's currently opening for the superstar duo Maddie & Tae, and won a CCMA award earlier this year.

SACHA's discography authentically reflects herself, covering her upbringing in a Canadian small town. SACHA often says that moving to the "big city" deepened her appreciation for the lifestyle of the Canadian countryside. “This song reminds me of all the best parts of my childhood and how those experiences paved the way for the rest of my life," she explained.

The newest track is no exception, and even better, Eagleson shares similar childhood experiences growing up on rural farms in Ontario. The singers' passion for telling their personal stories makes "Call It Country" such a treat to listen to. "I’m very grateful to have Jade join me on this song,” said SACHA. “We grew up in small towns about 30 minutes away from one another, and although we’ve lived very different lives, our small towns - that you’ve probably never heard of - shaped who we both are today.”

"Call It Country" boasts a talented veteran songwriting team, consisting of Allison Veltz, Brooke Eden, and Seth Mosley. The song is filled to the brim with descriptive imagery and detailed anecdotes, with the lines "You call it a dirt road / I call it the view from my window / From the yellow wild flowers / All the way up to that barn red door" particularly standing out to us. The memorable hook "You call it country / I call it home" ties the song together and resonates extremely well.

Together, SACHA and Jade Engleson have given us the perfect ode to one's roots. The duo's voices complement each other well, and they've blessed us with a flawless back-and-forth section on the bridge. The track is clearly sentimental to both singers and easy for fans to connect to. There truly is nothing not to love about it!

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