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Sarantos' "Sunflower" Blooms Just in Time for Father's Day

There is something to be said about the bond between fathers and daughters.

Singer/songwriter Sarantos releases of his new single and music video "Sunflower." The sweet and upbeat track is dedicated to the bond between a father and his daughter and was released in honor of Father's Day.

"I went to a sunflower farm one day, and it was really cool. I immediately thought of my daughter. So I wrote this song for her. This song is about one of the most precious bonds that exists, the bond between a father and his daughter. Whether they're babies, little kids, teenagers or young adults, nothing shines brighter than the beacon of yellow that is a daughter," Sarantos told All Country News.

Through the rain you shine

Singing yellow day and night

Oh your love burns bright

You never hide You live your life

Makin everything alright My pretty little sunflower

The fun and easy going lyrics are a testament to the unwavering bond that exists between them, no matter the age or distance. Through the rain and shine, the daughter always shines bright and serves as a source of light and happiness in the father's life.

The Chicago native love for his daughter shines through in this bright new single!


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