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SMACKRecords Flagship Artist Jenna Davis' Debut Release "DiCaprio" Is Pop-Country Magic

What happens when Walker Hayes, Kelsea Ballerini, Ross Copperman sit down with pop-country riser Jenna Davis to write a song, well let us tell ya, it is pretty magical.

Credit: Lily Nelson

Jenna's debut single is just as clever as it is fierce. Jenna's bright vocals are backed by a catchy acoustic guitar and a steady beat and tell the story of a guy who thinks he is hot stuff, but misses the mark. Throughout the uptempo bop, Jenna finds her confidence and says bye bye to her would be suitor.

DiCaprio, yeah. No, the Oscar does not go to you tonight, that’s right

I’m calling your bluff like you were calling me last night

Don’t even act like you can act like DiCaprio, I know

You wish you were Jack so I would be Rose

Tryna hide your cards like your handsome heart ain’t broke

Putting on a show. Baby you ain’t no DiCaprio.

“I’m so excited for everyone to finally hear DiCaprio. As soon as my manager played It for me, I knew that had to be my next release. Two of the co-writers, Walker Hayes and Ross Copperman, wanted to produce the track which was a pinch me moment for me as I have been following both of their careers for years," Jenna told All Country News exclusively.

Not to mention, Jenna puts her acting skills on display in the single's playful matching music video. Set at a house party in the hills, Jenna scoffs at her ex for showing up and falling back into his old player ways. But this time she isn't having it.

Full of conviction and conscience, Jenna brings a dash of sass and maturity that the space often lacks. Refusing to be second fiddle DiCaprio sets the tone for Jenna's space in the genre, needless to say the sky is the limit!


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