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Southerland Branches Out Into Sweet Love Songs With "World Without You"

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

It’s often said that you know you love someone when your fear of losing them is significant. In their brand new song "World Without You," country duo Southerland captures that heavy sentiment. Somehow, members Matt Chase and Chris Rogers have managed to heal and break our hearts at the same time.

This song wouldn't have come out if it wasn't for the duo incessantly fighting for it. However, the positive response on social media the duo finally decided it was time to release the song.

Equal parts gritty and smooth, "World Without You" echoes the modern traditionalist sound that filled country radio in the early 2010s. With a chorus that contains a series of geographical metaphors, Southerland put their own spin on a common trend in today's country music. The descriptiveness in the verses adds another layer of pain, emphasizing just how bad the worst case scenario of losing a loved one would be.

The duo's approach often relies on trade-offs, which works extremely well in the chorus of "World Without You." The picturesque lyrics just sort of rolled out, as they tried to create something more free-flowing and less hard-hitting than their previous work. It incorporates aspects of 90s country, which both members grew up on. "Starting as a duo, that's what inspired us from the beginning," Southerland told All Country News. The song contains just the right amount of production, free from bells and whistles that would take away from its genuine qualities.

As the band's first release since last October, the song takes a brand new creative direction. "Our brand has kind of been that blue collar, get up before the sun comes up, go to bed after the sun comes down, hard-working thing," band member Matt explained to us. "We never really had any love songs. It was always kind of a partying, drinking, live show thing. And for me, it was kind of a stage of life, where I had just gotten engaged, getting married in May coming up."

Chris' wife Katie found the song extremely special. Matt's fiancé Abby absolutely loved the song - he told us that she's usually not a crier, but this one got her to tear up. With an upcoming wedding, will Matt pull a Kylie Morgan, and write a song specific to every part of the ceremony? While he does have "some tricks up [his] sleeve," and some "really cool stuff planned," we guess we'll just have to wait and see.

However, as much as "World Without You" relates to the band members' own feelings and experiences, they keep it universal at the same time. It contains just the right amount of detail that it sparks a poignant mental picture, yet nearly everyone can relate to it.

The band maintains an authentic approach to storytelling, and a no-strings-attached quality to their work, which is what we love most about them. "We're not really chasing anything, we're just trying to be who we are," reflected the duo, adding that they "let the lyrics lead" their creative process. They don't try to follow a certain formula for production; they prefer to take it "song by song." Since their main goal is to let audiences connect with their work, they recognize that not every song needs layered guitars or a complex electronic beat.

Consisting of Matt Chase and Chris Rogers, Southerland follows in the footsteps of greats like Florida Georgia Line and Brothers Osborne, well on their way to be the next pair dominating the scene. With the band revealing they have a long string of singles planned for this year, we think that the next few months will finally see their breakthrough. Keep your eyes on Southerland, y'all - you won't regret it!


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