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Spencer Crandall Premieres Loaded, Autobiographical Double Album "Western"

Every musical album contains certain underlying patterns and formulas, which serve to unite its songs and establish itself as a complete project. This is especially crucial in lengthy double albums, as they require more effort to achieve cohesiveness and audience engagement from start to finish. While some - for example, Morgan Wallen's Dangerous and Cody Johnson's Human - simply choose to embrace common themes and motifs throughout the tracklist, others take a more dynamic storytelling approach.

Burgeoning independent artist Spencer Crandall elected to do the latter with his triumphant fourth studio album, Western, with phenomenal results that have absolutely hooked us. Crandall has divided Western into six chapters, entitled Scorpion, Mustang, Revolver, Pickaxe, Desert, and Gold, altogether telling an all-American coming of age tale.

“My new album, Western, is more than a collection of songs. Western is a piece of my heart. It’s my diary about the human condition and what it looks like to voraciously chase your dreams with no plan B,” shared Crandall. “I couldn’t be more excited to have the whole project out, and my biggest hope is that Western finds people wherever they may be on their journey and helps them with whatever obstacles they’re going through.” We think Crandall has definitely met that last goal - honestly, the ability to listen to and connect with Western was just what we needed today.

Crandall holds writing credits on eighteen out of twenty tracks. The remaining two songs are covers that relate to different parts of his journey. These include "You're Still The One" by Shania Twain in honor of his parents' inspiring love story, and "Anyone" by Justin Bieber, a raw and emotional ballad about love.

The album begins with the haunting, layered "There Is A Fire," which seamlessly transitions to the introspective "K[no]w Better." We felt called out by the opening line of "Get Away From Me," in which Crandall sings, "I listen to podcasts in the car so I don't have to hear my own thoughts." Crandall starts the record by detailing the various struggles of life in one's early 20s. He communicates in a way listeners can easily understand his story and perhaps relate it to their own. The phenomenal Rhett Akins collaboration, "Our Forever," ends the album on a more satisfied note. The closing track contains a steadier beat and mature, resolved lyrics.

Fans can catch live performances of Crandall's new tracks and back catalogue on his current Western tour, which will continue into January 2023. It includes stops at historic venues, such as the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, CA and the Exit/In in Nashville, TN. Crandall is known for his high energy and passion during his live performances, which we can't wait to witness in person.

Inspired by anecdotes and experiences of his own life, Crandall beautifully explores deep questions and themes. The project captures a complex storyline from exposition to conclusion, immersing listeners into a vividly portrayed world, and providing them with a captivating outlet. The album's authentic perspective, detailed storytelling, and genre-defying elements shine through. Unfiltered, unapologetic, and untamed, Western represents Crandall's unique sound. We can't take the album off repeat!

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