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Spencer Crandall Teams Up With Cooper Alan For Reimagined Take On The Upbeat "Didn't Do"

What happens when two of the biggest indie country artists team up, well let us tell you, its pretty damn epic.

Photo credit: Nina Long

Today country music risers Spencer Crandall and Cooper Alan team up for the song of the summer with Didn't Do. Written by Spencer Crandall, Lydia Dall, Haley Mae Campbell, the beat driven track is an ode to dreams and an invitation to always live for today and have no regrets.

After Spencer and Cooper met at a 615 House event in Nashville, the two upbeat artist clicked and new that down the road working together had to be a possibility. "I just remember think that dude has good energy. It's not even like we like clicked or got to hang out a long time, but I was drawn to his energy creatively," Spencer said of Cooper during a conversation with All Country News.

Refusing to play it safe, Crandall and Alan take turns sharing promises they plan on keeping in order to live life with zero regrets.

The biggest risk that I take is playing it safe so

I wanna give my heart away like it ain't gonna break

Let someone in even if it ends

Rather end up pennyless, chasing my bucket list

'Cause overtime's never time well spent

"It's cool to have two independent guys who came from the internet who, you know, are singing a song about kind of chasing their dreams and stuff. It feels like this kind of apropos, you know, really fun moment in time and country music and the independent world," Spencer continued.

On a mission to make country music meaningful again, Spencer and Cooper take a mature and personable approach to the fun loving track. Pulling from inspiration like Cody Johnson's Till You Can't and Tim McGraw's Live Like You Were Dying, the boys want to offer fans more. While it is easy to write a track about parties and trucks, Crandall has a different approach to his artistry. "I think there is this like little part of our, our tiny Human brains that just wants somebody to say, go for your dreams," Spencer told All Country News.

"I think Coop and I both really believe in the message of the song and those other songs inform us so much as artists. It felt fun to point out the similarities and especially when there seems seems to be some market for that kinda a song right now."

Needless to say we are thankful that Cooper texted Spencer and the creative sparks went wild. Full of high energy production and the mix of the two star's vocals, the reimagined take on Didn't Do is a career defining moment for both risers!


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