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Stephanie Quayle Details Her "Lost Years" In Vulnerable Music Video

For breakout artist Stephanie Quayle, music has served as far more than just an art form. It proved essential in the healing process following an extremely traumatic period of her life, which she refers to as "The Lost Years." Telling her personal story in musical form, Quayle puts her powerful vocals and direct songwriting approach on full display. Last Thursday, she premiered the accompanying music video with CMT, adding more layers and dimensions to the already complex song.

"I learned that healing, fear, and grief are part of my friendship circle now. That they walk beside me, not against me," shared Quayle. "That giving 'the lost years' a place to exist, putting them in a song, was extremely freeing. I didn't realize how much I was still holding back until I let it all pour out."

In the moving visuals, Quayle works through dissecting her "lost years." The video consists of one simple shot from multiple angles, highlighting her intense emotions told through her voice, facials, and body. Her boyfriend of four years suddenly passed away in a plane crash, and as if that grief wasn't enough, she learned that he was seeing other women at his funeral. "I laughed along, not knowing I was the joke / And will I ever be happy again?" belts Quayle early into the song.

"I never imagined the places this story would take me. I'm so grateful. I hope you feel my every emotion through the screen," wrote Quayle on Instagram. And we sure did. Instead of bottling up this traumatic chapter of her life, the artist allowed us to feel it along with her, aiding her own recovery and touching her larger fan community as well. Quayle's tears streamed down her face by the end of the video, and honestly, the same happened to us. The poignance of her vocals against a live band, as well as the simplicity of the video, give Quayle's audience an uninhibited window into her tumultuous experience.

The "Lost Years" music video precedes the release of Quayle's upcoming album, On The Edge, out November 4. We cannot wait to immerse ourselves in the rest of Quayle's layered story.

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