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Stephen Kramer Glickman Puts His Western Spin On The Little Nas X Track "Montero"

From a 2009 Nickelodeon hit series to 2020 memes, Stephen Kramer Glickman remains an instantly recognizable figure in the entertainment industry. But now he is taking on a new role, cowboy.

Today the multi fasted entertainer puts his own spin on the Little Nas X track “Montero” [Call Me by Your Name.] Loaded with talent and charisma the Big Time Rush star's plethora of talent lends perfectly for the fun and lighthearted cover. Glickams's gritty western vocals transport listeners right into the heart of the old west. His ability to transform the pop laden track speaks to his creativity and great ear for a powerful story.

But his virtuosity doesn't stop there. To accompany the clever cover, Glickman has created a visual to match the song that is nothing short of eye catching! His innate ability of storytelling allows viewers to deep dive into the chaos of the old west. Who knew that this pop anthem could also be an extremely “spaghetti western”.

"When looking for inspiration, you have to keep an open heart and an open mind." Glickman told All Country News. "After the success of CRAZY, I really wanted to find a song that I could sink my teeth into and I related so hard to “Montero”. Lil Naz X is a genius and with Buddy Gibbons producing I knew we could make something classically country. The music video was a labor of love from award winning director Andy Chen, a horse named Jake and posse of cameos you have to see to believe."

Stephen Kramer Glickman is proof that country storytelling doesn't have to be boring. Steadfast in his creativity and his heart, it is only up from here for this born storyteller!


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