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Struggle Jennings Pays Homage To His Own Personal Journey In "Road I Came"

The West Nashville native is back with perhaps his most personal song yet.

Photo credit :Sebastian Marbury

A born outlaw, the grandson of Waylon Jennings and Jessie Colter has been nothing but his true self proudly from a long line of gangsters, outlaws, and rockstars, making his family lineage proud. Today Struggle Jennings shares his own personal road full of self doubt and rising about in Road I Came.

The whiskey soaked track narrates the true grit that Jennings has faced over his life. Highlighted by a steady acoustic strum, the message of persistence seeps itself through the song, weaving and winding narrating his highs and lows of his rising career. "I've got a big heart, but I've made some big mistakes," Struggle sings with earnest conviction. Grappling with the highs and lows that have made him the man he is, Jennings does not allow his past to define him, yet he focuses on the road ahead.

I left the past behind me with the wind in my face

I’ve got a fresh start

And I’ve got the rest of my days

Oh I’ll never go back,

Down the road that I came

The track is taken from Jennings' upcoming full-length country album “El Camino” , dropping Spring 2024. The album will feature collaborations with Struggle’s life-long friend Jelly Roll, JD Huggins, Caitlynne Curtis, and Bonnie Stewart.

"Road I came is such a meaningful song for me and one of the most vulnerable songs on this new album," Jennings tells All Country News. "When you grow, change for the better and begin to succeed a lot of people like to say you forgot where you came from. I know where I came from and refuse to go back. The road I came down made me who I am and I have no regrets because it taught me so much yet I am a new man and strive to be better everyday . This song embodies my journey .. where I’ve been, what I’ve overcome and where I’m headed! 

Heart and soul is woven into each lyric in the track penned by Struggle and friend J.D Huggins. From beginning to end, the born outlaw invites fans to find common ground.

Through strength and determination Struggle Jennings shares that he is just like us in this poignant new track.


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