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Sydney Mack Shares The Hardships Of Chasing A Dream In Latest Single "Make It"

Sydney Mack knows that chasing your dreams come at a price.

Today country riser Sydney Mack released her latest single Make It. Through witty lyrics and a healthy dash of sass, Mack shares that it is ok not to keep up with The Jones.

"I vividly remember Danielle Blakey, one of my co-writers on the song, looking at me that day saying 'We’re not gonna write a song for just anybody today… we’re gonna write a song for you, so what do you want to write about?' The first thing that came to mind were a few lines I had written down a few weeks prior: 'While everybody else is making plans, makin' moves, makin' it work, makin' babies.. I’m just trying to make it'… Danielle and Tori Tullier, my other co-writer, immediately agreed that was the song we needed to write, and I’m so thankful we did," Mack told All Country News!

Mack has built an impressive following on both Instagram and TikTok by engaging with her fans. After sharing two of her songs, “Don’t Call” and “Pretty Boy," on TikTok , the clips quickly received almost 2 million views collectively and resulted in an amazing response. Sharing the honest, vulnerable lyrics of both songs about the very relatable topic of a break up helped her build an avid following, and this new single is no exception!

"My writes with Danielle and Tori are always so cathartic, and this was no exception. For me this song is about wanting it all: career, family, etc— and working my butt off to make it happen," the songstress continues. "Even though the journey is sometimes frustrating when it feels like everyone else around me is 10 steps ahead. I think anybody can relate to 'Make It', no matter where they are in life, because aren’t we all just doing our best to create a life we love and are proud of? Aren't we all just trying to 'float this boat'? Aren’t we all just trying to 'make it'?"

Making due with the drugstore makeup she uses, the bluesy track tells the tale of the trade of of chasing your dreams or living the lap of luxury. The painfully relatable lyrics evoke emotion in the everyday dreamer, plus who can ignore Sydney's powerhouse tone. Once again Sydney Mack tells an honest tale that will transcend generations!


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