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LISTEN: Kristen Kelly's Latest Album " Warrior" Captures Her Independent Spirit

Updated: Mar 18

Via Kristen Kelly Instagram/Brittany Dahlk

Kristen Kelly broke through 2024 with the release of her newest record- Warrior, which features a Billboard Top 30 hit- “Ex-Old Man”. Kristen has also appeared at the top of Texas radio charts with her single "I Remember When" and has acclaimed numerous awards.

The album immediately began with her punchy, rustic country sound that correlates to local Nashville Broadway legends and remains true to her Texan roots. This record displays clear impressions from those who came before her, such as Gretchen Wilson and Jo Dee Messina. She has also accumulated the respect of Willie Nelson, Dierks Bentley, and Wade Bowen as she has opened for them over the years.

“Turn and Face Memphis” displays Kristen’s powerful vocals as she belts out her female powerhouse anthem while arriving at independence. Leaving a relationship and heading towards a new hopeful place- both metaphorically and physically, she owns her freedom in returning to her dreams. Aligning with the story being portrayed, the song has hints of blues mixed in with country as she references Elvis and Graceland. The bridge is her final goodbye to the past. 

“How Do You Sleep At Night” is Kristen’s current single at country radio. Inspired by Kelly's own life experience the song isa stand out on the album. Written by Kelly alongside the notorious Shane McAnally and Brandy Clark, is a catchy yet heartbreaking portrayal of the second part of “Ex-Old Man”. This sequel, as opposed to its upbeat predecessor, leaves the listener, the singer, and the writers all with questions of how someone can just be okay after betraying someone. 

Kristen gives us a story worth taking with us in “Let It Break Your Heart”. It is a magnificent, real world story about chasing whatever your heart desires, even if it hurts. It is hopeful. It is enlightening. It is realistic. Whether someone takes the relationship perspective or the chasing a dream perspective- this song is all about perspective and can be applicable to whatever someone is going through. Let it hurt, but let it lead you as well.

Following her album release, Kristen is hitting the road and traveling through the midwest and the east coast to promote Warrior. This is going to be a can't miss summer run! We hope to hear "How Do You Sleep At Night" on radio in the meantime!


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