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Taryn Papa Puts A Country Spin On Justin Bieber's "Mistletoe"

2022 has seen an influx of country artists covering pop songs - take Lainey Wilson's rendition of "What's Up (What's Going On)," or Josiah & The Bonnevilles' rendition of "Anti-Hero," for example. Rising star Taryn Papa continues this trend with "Mercy," a Shawn Mendes cover. Last Friday, Papa dropped her rendition of "Mistletoe." In a joyful finished product, Papa adds her charming alto voice and country-based techniques to Justin Bieber's holiday classic.

“‘Mistletoe’ really matches my style and I thought it would be the perfect holiday song to add my country-pop twist! Christmas is very sacred to me for many spiritual reasons, but also for the joy and togetherness it brings,” Papa said of her song choice.

Papa entered the professional music scene this year, embracing elements of classic country and soul. Prior to her covers, the up-and-comer dropped multiple singles, introducing her voice and perspective to fans. Her ability to write highly relatable lyrics, coupled with a breathtaking range, establishes her as one of country's most promising newcomers. The poignant "Can't Catch My Heart," her most recently released original song, puts her flawless belt on full display. The beautifully penned "Changed" more closely resembles the structure and sound of a pop radio hit.

Papa utilizes a bold tone, well-executed dynamics, her signature belt, and subdued vibrato at parts for her Justin Bieber cover. She continues to show her versatility as an emerging artist, masterfully developing her unique sound as she tackles an originally pop song. Papa has done a phenomenal job of spreading holiday cheer, with a creative spin on one of our favorite Christmas songs.

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