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Tenille Arts Brings Fans To Tears With Long-Awaited “Jealous Of Myself”

Remember when superstar Tenille Arts posted this little teaser on her Instagram back in June, noting that it could be her "favorite song [she's] ever recorded"? Well, the full version is finally here, and it's nothing short of a true gem.

Arts and her breathtaking songwriting team (consisting of Emily Weisband, John Byron, Trevor Rosen, and Nathan Chapman) poured their hearts into this one. The introspective, unfiltered ballad captures Arts' thought processes after a breakup. "She has it so good but she has no clue / I'm jealous of myself when I had you," sings Arts of her pre-breakup self. The writers put a fresh spin and perspective on the common topic of heartbreak.

"Jealous Of Myself" features poignant and relatable themes, painfully detailed lyrics, and minimalistic production that allows Arts' voice to shine. Not only does Arts have phenomenal vocal technique, she puts raw emotion behind every lyric and note. The vulnerable track comforts fans as it transparently shares Arts' take on her personal experiences. Arts has once again outdone herself; this one was well worth the four-month wait.

To promote "Jealous Of Myself," Arts is selling hand-painted denim jackets on her website, showing off her DIY skills yet again. She's the queen of music, songwriting, embroidery, painting, and so much more - what can't Arts do? We have a feeling these will sell out fast, so make sure to cart yours ASAP! The Canada-born star will additionally tour with Jordan Davis soon, where we're eager to hear a live rendition of the new track. Arts has been up to huge things lately, and we feel so lucky that we get to follow along with her on her journey.

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