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The Enduring Influence of "Wait in the Truck" in Country Music

""Wait in the Truck" is the best song I have ever written and I want you to be a part of it," Hardy said of the song shortly after recording the demo.

"Wait in the Truck" by Hardy and Lainey Wilson has shaken the country music world. The message is about a young woman who hit rock bottom in an abusive relationship and found a way to escape. It was released on August 29, 2022, as the lead single from Hardy's second studio album The Mockingbird & the Crow.

The song is a is a chilling murder ballad narrating the tellings of a male protagonist killing an abuser. Written by HARDY and frequent collaborator Hunter Phelps, the idea struck when the two were discussing what they would do if their wives were attacked. According to an interview with Billboard, Hardy mentioned he would direct the attacker towards himself and then tell his girl to "wait in the truck". The pair then realized that "wait in the truck" was a good song title, and the rest was history.

Via Hardy's Instagram

Instead of playing the classic narrative of a a guy swooping in to save the girl for the sole reason of getting with her–which in the country music world has been a troupe fans are all too familiar with–the man simply saves the woman because it is the right thing to do and just that reason alone.

The song does not glorify the gruesome actions the man commits to help the woman escape her situation but the song is self-aware criticizing some of the man's actions. However, on the flip side, the song sends one powerful message to the country music world.

Lainey Wilson also chimed in on the importance of using her platform to raise awareness. “This one is going to start a conversation that a lot of people don’t want to have, but it is our job as artists to sing about things that people are [sometimes] scared to talk about," she told the Tennessean. “Domestic abuse is a fragile subject but I hope this song brings light to a situation that is more common than we’d like to admit. For the abusers, I hope this song haunts them. For the victims, I hope they know they’re not alone.”

Oh, did the country music world take note: “Wait in the Truck” has been nominated for single of the year, song of the year, and video of the year for this year's CMAs.

Via Hardy Instagram

The song is just as revolutionary as “The Thunder Rolls” by Garth Brooks when he released the song back in 1990, changing the industry of country music. The song, which holds similar themes to “Wait in the Truck,” deals with a woman escaping an abusive relationship. "The Thunder Rolls" was also nominated for numerous awards, which won many. They say history repeats itself, and it begs the notion that "Wait in The Truck," is on the same path.

"Wait in the Truck," has also received nominations for "Song of 2023," "Collaboration Song of 2023" and "Music Video of 2023" including winning the last nomination.

The country music industry is waking up again; it calls to action through its groundbreaking lyricism and a message with performers like Lainey Wilson and Hardy in "Wait in the Truck" that leave a powerful mark.


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