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The Panhandlers Show Their West Texas Pride On Standout New EP

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

As someone who hails from the suburbs of Dallas, I have to admit I’m more of a North Texas fan myself. But on their new EP, West Texas is the Best Texas (which releases tomorrow), the Panhandlers make quite the convincing case for their home region. By the end of this 4-song EP, in fact, you’ll feel just as much love for West Texas as Josh, John, William, and Cleto do.

Opening track “Where Cotton is King” immediately sets the tone; with its stomping beat and fiddle-laden instrumentation, you’ll immediately find yourself transported somewhere out on the plains of Lubbock. But the EP really hits its stride with the remaining three tracks, whose timeless production and conversational lyrics make for a fun listening experience.

There’s something for everybody on West Texas is the Best Texas. If you’re in the mood for something laid-back and easygoing, queue up “The Chilton Song,” a refreshing ode to the cocktail of the same name. (If you’re unfamiliar with said cocktail – as I was before listening – just stay tuned for the bridge, where you’ll get helpful step-by-step instructions on crafting the concoction.) If you want something with a little more pep, try “Midland Jamboree,” a boot-stomping party jam that also interpolates “Deep in the Heart of Texas.” And definitely don’t miss out on the EP’s title track - my favorite of them all - an irresistibly catchy cut that’s full of laugh-out-loud quips like “East Texas ain’t the least Texas / But it’s too far East to be West Texas.”

The Panhandlers will be going on tour in support of the EP on November 18 and 19, in Fort Worth and Odessa, TX respectively. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend grabbing a ticket – you’ll have plenty of time to memorize the lyrics by then.

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