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This Is Not A Drill! Tyler Childers Announces New Single, “Angel Band,” Premiering Tomorrow Morning

Mark your calendars and set your alarms! Start the countdown and get out your Sunday best, Childers is fixin’ to take us to church.

Tyler Childers started hinting at his long-awaited return a few days ago by posting some cryptic video teasers to his social media, which until that point had been completely stagnant since his last album Long Violent History.

Well, today he finally clued us in that his first release since September of 2020 will be premiering tomorrow morning at 8am ET, and if what we’ve seen so far holds, it’s going to be pretty incredible.

He also posted a 2-minute trailer to YouTube, which makes me wonder if it’s a song, an album, an EP or some Sound and Fury type cohesive project.

Regardless, it sure seems like this is going to be some downhome, Appalachian Gospel, which would confirm our suspicions that he’s been working on that type of project in his time away.

Safe to say, country music is better when Childers is making music and I, and everyone with a pulse, couldn’t be more excited.


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