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Tiffany Woys Reveals Behind-The-Scenes Secrets Of Nashville's Writing Rooms In New Podcast

The crafting of a hit song takes a village. Many times, a singer collaborates with multiple songwriters and producers, all of whom contribute their individual strengths to the final product. Fans recognize and celebrate the performers' names, but too often overlook the meticulous penning process. With her new podcast, What's Mine Is Yours, independent up-and-comer Tiffany Woys shines a light on what happens in Nashville's most iconic writing rooms. With the premiere of its first episode today, this project is off to a phenomenal start. It reveals behind-the-scenes secrets on the nuances of songwriting sessions, allowing listeners to learn more about their favorite songs.

The Sacramento-born artist discovered her love of performing at an early age, inspired by a diverse set of musical influences. Woys grew up on the music of Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, and Carrie Underwood, just to name a few. She spent her formative years in northern California's vibrant music scene, embracing any opportunity she could to sing in front of people. By age 20, she recorded and released her first independent album. Recently, she made the move to Nashville, so she could continue pursuing her country music dreams.

"I wanted to do this for a while now,” shares Tiffany with All Country News. “It’s really evolved into something much greater and more fulfilling than I intended, but it’s simple. I wanted to do this for the songwriting community. I’m an artist who regularly records songs written by others. I appreciate the community and their gift. I want to turn the microphone around and give them the chance to talk. I want to hear their opinions. I want the world to hear them. Nashville needs its heartbeat. That’s the songwriter. I want to be a small and hopefully impactful step into creating a bigger space for them and their opinions. I think audiences are going to fall in love with this community the way I did. Artists may give the songs a home but the songwriter gave it life."

In general, Nashville's arts scene starkly contrasts from California's. While the west coast favors edginess and heavy amounts of post-production, the east coast takes a more stripped back approach. Nashville loves its acoustic sessions, emphasizing the process of writing and revising lyrics to tell an honest story. After working in Music City with a fresh set of collaborators, Woys gained a new appreciation for songwriting. She passionately shares their experiences in a musical format with her EP, All About Love, released back in March. She offers her voice to the project's tracks but keeps the writers' authentic perspective.

Her rooted artistry especially shows on the personal single "I Don't Want You Back," as well as the powerful LeAnn Rimes cover "Probably Wouldn't Be This Way." The EP's success earned Woys a spot on several prestigious rosters - including CMT's Next Up Now, Taste of Country's Artists To Watch, and Country Now's "Country Next." Following the triumphs that All About Love spawned for her, Woys now shares more of music's loaded creative process.

The What's Mine Is Yours podcast serves as a tell-all of sorts. So far, seasoned industry professionals like Jeffrey Steele, Jason Saenz, Shane Minor, Ben Caver, Lynn Hutton, and Tammi Kidd Hutton have lent their extensive insight. Future special guests include the Warren Brothers, Chris DuBois, and D. Vincent Williams. Despite the relative obscurity of these names, fans are sure to recognize the songs they've worked on.

The vivacious and thoughtful Woys lends her multitude of talents to the music industry, helping it grow in numerous ways. Her flawless vocals bring others' stories to life on All About Love, and her podcast hosting skills allows the art of penning to have its spotlight. With the triumphant launch of What's Mine Is Yours, Woys continues to prove herself as one of Nashville's most promising new voices.

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