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Toby Keith Shares The Surprising Backstory Of His Iconic Song “Should’ve Been A Cowboy”

We are finally getting some insight into one of the most iconic country songs!

Toby Keith; “Should’ve Been a Cowboy” Music Video and Toby Keith Socials

Thirty years after it's release, superstar Toby Keith is opening up about the inception of his hit song “Should’ve Been A Cowboy.” In a recent video, the Okie shared that the smash hit was only took 20 minutes to write!

“I was still trying to finish up my first album, and I went on a pheasant hunting trip to Dodge City, Kansas, with about 20 knuckleheads. We got up there, and the town was staged for the old ‘Gunsmoke’ series, so it was intriguing to know that we were in a historic old west town. So I thought of ‘Gunsmoke’… that was on my mind. 

Then, there was a guy that got up at our table and tried to dance with this girl in this steak house bar we were eating in… we were in hunting clothes. His name was John. He jumped up in his hunting clothes and ran over to grab this cowgirl to dance, and she turned him down. And on this way back to the table, we were laughing, and one of the guys hollers, “John, you should’ve been a cowboy.”  

So I thought, I’m going to write that. I took my guitar, sat on the side of the motel tub, and shut the door so no one could hear me. I didn’t want to wake anyone up because we had an early hunt, and I wrote it in about 20 minutes.”

Just goes to show that inspiration can strike from the humblest of places. Needless to say, we are so lucky that Toby decided to go on that hunting trip!


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