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Tracielynn's Latest Song Captures the Magic Of Falling In Love.

"This was one of the easiest songs I’ve ever written," Tracielynn says of the heartfelt tune.

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Today, emerging country songstress Tracielynn narrates a fairytale love inspired by her none other than her boyfriend. "First I'm Gonna Kiss You" weaves fans in and out of her inner most thoughts, Tracielynn bares all, not caring that these strong feelings may be stirring up a little too soon. In the now viral video, the Virginia native shares a tease with the muse of the latest track. "Never thought it would start like this, making my mind go on a trip" she sings.

Connecting with fans is something that Tracielynn truly excels at. Highlighted by a stunningly raw approach and Tracielynn's soaring vocals, the song invites fans to relish in that gitty feeling of falling in love. Perfectly capturing the plethora of emotions that overwhelm us when the right person comes along, Tracielynn offers up a refreshing take on a classic love story.

"As soon as I dug up the old emotions that I experienced when finding my person all the words easily followed and just kept coming out. If you’ve ever unexpectedly fallen really hard really fast for someone then I think this song just may hit home for you as well," she says of the relatable track.

And the track has already done just that, fans have poured into the comments offering up their stories of falling in love. One fan even saying "This is exactly what I’m going through right now lol . Perfect song."

What really brought out the idea for the song was thinking back to the way I felt when I met my husband for the first time. Taking my own personal feelings and the rabbit hole of thoughts I went down upon meeting him, was what sparked this idea. I truly feel like this song was the easiest song I've ever written. As soon as I came up with one line, another line immediately came out and then another... it just kept flowing out of me so naturally!tells Tracielynn.

With its melodic sound and raw lyrics about the early days of a budding romance, the track appeals to hopeless romantics and people who believe fate. In a genre where all too often, love stories can become a tad muddled, Tracielynn breaks through the noise.


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