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Track45 Awarded The All Country News Artist Of The Year Award For Outstanding Partnership

January 9th 2023

Rising country music trio Track45 has undoubtably made 2022 one to remember for all of us here at All Country News, which is why we are excited to formally present Jenna, Ben, and KK Johnson with the All Country News 2022 Artist of the Year Award!

The annual All Country News Artist of the Year Award goes to the artist who has gone above and beyond in their partnership with All Country News throughout the year, and without a doubt Track45 has made an incredible impact in 2022.

Let’s break it down!!

  • Track45’s iconic jingle and theme music was heard on all 52 of the weekly All Country News podcast episodes this year

  • Track45 partnered with All Country News to create the “COME ON IN” Good Scentiments candle to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

  • Track45 sported the All Country News Cowboy Hat hat in their official announcement for their song “Family”

  • Fans listened to Track45 share their story as a band all year long on the Country Confidential podcast episode titled “Life in a Trio”

The sibling trio – Jenna, Ben, and KK Johnson – from Meridian, MS, can’t recall a time when they didn’t know each other. They were “always there” and so was the music. Because of this fun fact, the country trio is able to capture the true essence of country music through their unbreakable bond! Listen to their incredible music here.

Congratulations Track45, we are thankful for your wonderful partnership!

- All Country News

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