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Troy Cartwright's "Over You By Now" A Heartfelt Dive into Unresolved Love

Troy Cartwright's latest single, "Over You By Now" dives deep into the raw and painful emotions of heartbreak. The track confronts the challenging issue of lingering feelings, capturing the essence of unresolved and unrequited love.

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The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the struggle to move on, "I should be over you by now". This simple yet powerful line encapsulates the universal experience of struggling with the aftermath of a broken relationship. The repetition emphasizes the lingering pain and the difficulty of letting go.

Cartwright's powerful and soulful delivery adds another layer of authenticity to the song. His emotional vocals bring to life the internal conflict of trying to move forward while still being haunted by the ghost of a past love. The sincerity in his voice makes the listener feel the weight of the emotions he's expressing.

The chorus, with its powerful declaration, "I'm still missing you so much I should be over you by now" encapsulates the essence of the song. It captures the contradiction of longing for closure while at the same time acknowledging the ongoing struggle to achieve it. The blend of heartfelt lyrics and Troy Cartwright's soul-stirring performance creates an emotional vibe that many listeners have already found relatable.

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“We did this vocal in one take. Kyle asked me if I wanted to re-sing it and I said "no". This song does what all my favorite songs do - it tells the truth,” Cartwright explains in a press statement. “There is no trick to it - it's just the raw emotion of being in the dead center of a heartbreak and trying to find your way out. It was easy to write because it was hard to go through. If you've been there before, you know. And if you're there right now, I hope this helps.”

As Cartwright bares his soul in this moving track, listeners are invited to reflect on their own experiences of heartbreak and the enduring echoes of past relationships. "Over You By Now" stands as a testament to the timelessness of heartache and the healing power of music that helps us navigate the challenging battle of love and loss.


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