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Tyler Childers Goes To Church At Red Rocks Amphitheater

There ain’t two ways about it. Tyler Childers can put on a show.

The “I’m All Your’n” singer sold out two back to back performances at Denver’s historic Red Rock Amphitheater this week.

Dancing fans packed the stadium seats and overflowed into the planters to take in the spectacle of a show.Childers showed off his vocal and guitars skills alone on stage for a handful of songs including “Shake the Frost” and “Lady May.”

But he made it clear that he has graduated as a performer to more than just a man with a guitar.

He ended the night with a full band and a light production that was as visually impressive as the vocals they accompanied.

An epic instrumental jam session and a Hank Williams covered rounded out the night. But a heartfelt belting of “Hallelujah ” from his new album was the highlight of the evening.

Childers seemed more polished and professional than when he first wrote about drinking moonshine and getting higher than the grocery bill. The Kentucky native revealed this year that he is expecting his first child with fellow performer Senora May.

As he entered a new phase in his personal life, his fans might get a new era of music and performances. We are here for what he does next!

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