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Tyler Farr and Jelly Roll Team Up For Some Beautiful Country Chaos With "Country As Shit"

February 24th 2023

Tyler Farr is 100% a country music outlaw. With one of the best voices in the genre, alongside his signature gritty twang and honest lyrics, Tyler has quickly become a fan favorite. With number one hits like “Whiskey in the Water,” “Redneck Crazy,” and “Guy Walks into A Bar,” Farr is ready to step into the music he has always wanted to make. The no frills Farr teamed up with fellow outlaw Jelly Roll for his new single “Country As Shit” and y’all is some beautiful country chaos!

“Jelly and I met during a Folds of Honor event during the pandemic,” Farr tells All Country News. “It was a golf event and I have no idea Jelly golfed,” Farr laughed. “He is such a sweet and genuine person and I love everything he is about.”

While the two parted ways, Tyler told us that he always wanted to work with Jelly but wanted it to be the right fit.

“When we wrote “Country As Shit” we weren’t trying to write for radio, I just wanted to write something for me. After we were done writing the song by buddy said to be that having Jelly on he track would be badass. So they really talked to me into it. Oddly enough Jelly and I ran into each other downtown Nashville. I asked Jelly to be on it and he instantly agreed. I was just happy he liked the song.”

Tyler Farr and Jelly Roll are truly Nashville magic. The way they play off of each other in the track is bold, gritty and yet so seamless and truly authentic to each artist.

“When we got in the studio Jelly asked if he could free style a little off your lyrics in the second verse. I had no idea what we were getting into. I am not in the rap world so I told Jelly just to do his thing.”

Tyler Farr is longtime friend and collaborator with Jason Aldean. Aldean has worked with Farr on his last few projects, and this one was no different. “Aldean was in the studio when Jelly was cutting vocals,” Tyler told us. “Jason and I just kept on looking at each other and Jason was totally blown away.”

The song seems so natural for Farr who really falls into his element with this track. “This song just reminds me of all my friends coming over and living it up like Hank Jr would. We don’t need to pretty this shit up. We need to make it dirty, rusty and country.”

Often times artists fall into the trap of putting out what they think they should. “Country As Shit,” is helping Farr to usher in a new era of him putting out music that he wants to make and is truly proud of.

“This year is going to be even better,” he tells us. “I have been writing a ton and I am just excited for whats next.”

Tyler Farr is doing country music his way, and we would have it no other way.


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