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Tyler Hubbard Celebrates First Two Career No. 1 "I Feel More Inspired Than Ever."

Tyler Hubbard thought it was over, when really it was just the start!

Photo Credit: Steve Lowry for BMI

On June 13th the multi platinum hit maker celebrated a major milestone that puts him in an elite country music club. Tyler, formerly of Florida Georgia Line celebrates two back to back country radio chart toppers with his viral hit 5 Foot 9 and Dancin' In The Country. Country music friends and family joined Hubbard alongside his collaborators to celebrate the special moment.

To celebrate this momentous milestone, Hubbard sat down with All Country News alongside several other media outlets to reflect on these successful chart toppers.

“I love being a songwriter. As I started this journey as a solo artist, I was surrounded by people who showed up for me. These writers were put into my life, and my new label and team showed up for me. I felt supported, loved and empowered and I felt creativity overtake me. I wanted to write songs that represent who I am – I felt doors were opening as other doors were closing and I want to thank everyone here today for being those people that were put into my life," Hubbard said of his uncertain next steps in 2021.

When it comes to his most recent No. 1 Dancin’ In The Country it was fellow superstar Keith Urban's creative genius and guidance that lead to iconic collab, plus a re-release of the track demo that features Keith in a raw setting. Who knew that a simple call to Urban could turn into a major hit.

"My team brought me the idea," Tyler told ACN and other outlets. "We all have tons of demos in our phones. However, demos are usually fairly rough, yet they capture an essence of the day. But it's an essence that not many people in the world get to understand or hear about or even know that that happens for the most part. It was just a cool opportunity to get to let the world into songwriter community a little bit. Show how it works and the brotherhood behind it."

Tyler and collaborator Jordan Schmidt also produced both songs. "It was annoying at times to have him there," Jordan teased. "I really wanted to be alot more hands on this time around. Producing allows me to step into a different collaborative experiment and really step into my own and figure out what Tyler hubbard sounds like. Being able to bounce ideas off friends and figure out who I am is rewarding," Hubbard told ACN.

However, the biggest takeaway from the celebration was gratitude.

"We weren't playing shows, I didn't have a band. But I remember praying and saying Lord, if you want me to be an artist I need you to put some people around me," Tyler told country music friends and family.

"I’m quickly reminded that my name might be the one on the charts, but this is what it is all about – this whole crew who’s right here – everybody puts in the work and the sacrifice. This is bigger than a No. 1 – thank you for allowing me to have an individual voice. Thank you for believing in me and the possibility to do something that’s not commonly done and thank you for inspiring me. I’m more inspired than ever and you all have given me a new energy that I haven’t had in years. and it’s a culmination of all the blessings in my life.”

The album, released earlier this year, features Hubbard’s hit debut solo single “5 Foot 9,” which hit No. 1 at radio, was certified Platinum by the RIAA, and has almost 460M global streams. It also features Hubbard’s current No. 1 single, “Dancin’ In The Country,” which already has over 192M global streams and marks his second No. 1 as a solo artist. We can't wait to see what is next for Tyler!


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