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Tyler Hubbard Premieres "Inside And Out" Music Video - And We Can't Get Enough

Hold on, we think someone’s cutting onions around here. Wait - no - never mind, it’s just Tyler Hubbard’s new music video for “Inside And Out.” The Florida Georgia Line star has us bawling with this extremely precious project.

Originally written for his family, the track reminds listeners everywhere of their self-worth, of both their inner and outer beauty. Hubbard dedicates “Inside And Out,” along with its universal message, to everyone - although his adorable four-year-old daughter Olivia Rose would beg to differ, as she tries to gatekeep it as “her song.”

The wholesome music video, set in a local Nashville park, captures pure bliss. “When I watch the video, I’m reminded of being a child and the innocence and the fun and the beauty of that stage of life. I hope as adults, we can channel and remember the inner child that’s within all of us,” explained Hubbard in a recent press release. We agree completely - we hope that the song and video inspire fans to always stay young at heart, just like it did for us.

It filled us with so much joy to watch - especially during the clips where the kids looked in a box labeled “The most beautiful person is in this box!” Of course, it contained a mirror. First of all, oh my god, the kids’ reactions. Second of all, what an important message to be solidifying in them at such a young age. Also, imagine growing up and getting to tell your friends that your favorite childhood memory is dancing with the one and only Tyler Hubbard.

Hubbard has included “Inside And Out” in his recent six-song EP, Dancin’ In The Country, which also features the hits “5 Foot 9” and “Everybody Needs A Bar.” Dancin’ In The Country has reached #1 on the Heatseekers Albums chart, #6 on the Current Country Albums sales chart, and #107 on the Billboard 200 chart. Currently, Hubbard is touring with Keith Urban and Ingrid Andress, and fans can purchase tickets on the singers’ official websites.

Hubbard’s debut album as a solo artist will drop on January 27, 2023. We’ve been loving Hubbard’s music so far, and can’t wait for this new record. The Florida Georgia Line sensation turned rising solo star has huge things in store for him, and we’re excited to continue following his journey.

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