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Tyler Hubbard Proves He Is Much More Than His FGL Past In Personal Debut Album

January 29th 2023

After spending over a decade as half of Florida Georgia Line, Tyler Hubbard welcomes a new musical chapter. His first solo album dropped Friday , and it’s nothing short of perfection. The appropriately self-titled record details various aspects of the singer’s perspective and identity. A musical autobiography of sorts, there’s something in it for both day one fans and those who just discovered him.

John Russo

Tyler Hubbard builds on his introductory EP, Dancin’ In The Country - which already communicated much of the singer’s personal stories through its numerous music video projects. Fans have already heard “Dancin’ In The Country,” “5 Foot 9,” “Baby Gets Her Lovin’,” “Everybody Needs A Bar,” “Me For Me,” “Inside And Out,” “35’s,” “I’m The Only One,” and “Way Home.”

The most sentimental track on the record is “Miss My Daddy,” which pays tribute to Hubbard’s late father. This solo-write contains vivid, heartbreaking lyrics about what he wishes he could tell his dad, as well as memories he wants to relive. Hubbard’s vulnerable songwriting will undoubtedly help many listeners work through their own grief.

In “Tough,” Hubbard employs a mid-tempo chorus with a catchy melody to deliver a universal message: “Whatever don’t kill you makes you tough.” “She Can,” a song dedicated to his wife, features gritty vocal delivery and somewhat edgy pop-country instrumentals - reminiscent of his FGL days. The hard-hitting “How Red” pays tribute to the singer’s small-town lifestyle, which many of us can resonate with.

In his triumphant debut album, Hubbard overall re-introduces himself to the country music scene. He proves that while the past decade as half of FGL significantly shaped him, that’s not all there is to him. Tyler Hubbard demonstrates the singer’s growth, and marks the beginning of an eventful journey. We’re so excited to be along for the ride!

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