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Tyler Rich and Kylie Morgan Ignite The Troubadour (9/24)

“Out of all our tour stops, I was most looking forward to tonight at The Troubadour!” – Tyler Rich

An eager crowd packed close to the iconic Troubadour stage, the chatter turned to cheers at Kylie Morgan and her guitarist Dylan Bodley appear on stage. With her wedding only a week away, Kylie Morgan had an extra glow around her. She serenaded her actual bridesmaids with her viral song “Bridesmaids” as the crowd sang every word back to Kylie.

Tyler Rich shares that tonight is the tour stop he was most looking forward to. Being a native Californian, Tyler was able to rattle off the numerous of legendary artists who have performed at the venue. The crowd danced and sang along to every song as Tyler bounced around stage smiling and strumming his guitar.

Kylie Morgan joined Tyler Rich on stage to perform Tyler’s song “Thinkin' We're In Love” and the crowd went crazy. Their voices blend together beautifully and their harmony filled the space spectacularly. This show will go down as another legendary night at the Troubadour.

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