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Unveiling James Barker Band's High-Energy New EP: A Knockout Musical Experience

The band brings their dynamic and universal storytelling to the forefront in their US Label debut!

photo credit Paige Sara

It takes a special group to spearhead the country industry together. But that is exactly what Jame Barker Band has done. Comprised of four of the biggest personalities in the genre James Barker and Connor Stephen, Bobby Martin and Taylor Abrams are brining their stories to life through high octane songs and memorable harmonies.

Seamlessly blending four personalities and influences uniquely their own, the self-dubbed “band of brothers from different mothers” have come along way from touring their homeland in in a rented Greyhound bus, to the bright lights of Nashville. Yet the group seems to be a tad ahead of their time.

Pulling from the sonics and stories they grew up with their US major label debut Ahead Of Our Time is a love letter to their fans and a testament to themselves and a band of brothers. The six track project is full vivid anecdotes and magical moments.

From the jump the opening track sets the tone for the whole album. A true ear worm, Step On His Boots shines. A clever look at falling for a girl who is already taken, Step On His Boots showcases the bands harmonies both sonically and as a cohesive unit. Through bright instrumentation James and the gang narrate the story of a guy who's boots may be too big for him, but he is willing to steal the girl away with his charm.

The title track serves as a true double meaning. Highlighting the bands genre bending style while singing of a taboo love that is strong and truly forward thinking. Written by front man James Barker and Jake Rose, the track is bold and true, just as James intended it to be. Thankfully Connor and Bobby loved the demo and told ACN they still listen to it now.

"Ahead Of Our Time was a title that I'd had for a long time. I knew I had to find the right person to write it with who had a good vibe," James told All Country News. "It's just got to feel honest, it's got to feel true. And that's really what we went for with the song, especially because ahead of our time is such like a big idea conceptually, it's something that felt like it needed to feel big."

The track is just that, it is big. Sonically unique the track shows off how dynamic the band can be. Capturing the emotion of young love, James alongside Connor, Taylor and Bobby make the love story leap out of the speakers.

The previously released Champagne also finds a home on the EP. Continuing their intelligent approach to a story, the upbeat track bids farewell to an old flame. Finding celebration rather than heartache, the bright melody says cheers to new found freedom. Sippin whiskey like champagne This here’s a little more happy hour than it is a heartache, James and the gang sing backed by a catchy beat.

Becoming a tad more sentimental, Meet Your Mama once again flexes the group's creative muscles by offering up a song that breaks through the noise. The band’s authentic delivery and songwriting allows many to connect with their music. The structure of the track communicates the exhilarating journey of the beginnings of the relationship, when you are hungry to know everything about your partner. “You know you’ve found the one when you actually want to see their baby photos, their childhood photos,” said Barker. “It feels like there’s not really that many country songs about it, which is pretty rare… It’s kind of a unique idea.”

Teaming up with one of today's most exciting voices, JBB found Dalton Dover thanks to a chance encounter and stalking Dover's Instagram and stumbling upon his Alicia Key's cover. On The Water is the quintessential summertime wind down song. The mid tempo song begs for a break in the sunshine. Desperate to clear their head the crew dreams of the fun times that being by water brings. The blend of James' tender tenor alongside Dover's sultry tone are true a match made in country music heaven.

Putting a stamp on the project in the acoustic driven Heartbeat. In a genre that the staple love song can get a little repetitive, the upbeat track penned by James, Travis Wood, Gavin Slate and Todd Clark celebrates what not being afraid of being different can bring. The lyrics capture the feeling of falling in love hard and fast. Jame's sweet tone back by precocious production, the track stamps the bands ticket to fame.

The guys admitted they are in their Fearless area. Daring to dream and ride the wave, the band is all in on making their mark on music city. Unconventional and daring James Barker Band refuses to be confined to the often mundane rules of country music. Fusing bright melodies and unique takes on universal stories, JBB is truly Ahead Of Their Time.

The standout EP is reflective of their dynamic approach and matches the dynamics within the group. Full of life, each track offers a snippet of each band member making this project a collective win. Through heartfelt narratives and voices invoices that meld together like butter, James Barker Band has made their mark here on US soil.


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