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Vento, Ziggy, Hawk & McCarthy Pay Tribute To The Barstool Junkie In Heartfelt New Track

John Vento, renowned front man of The Nied's Hotel Band, is back with a brand new single release and an equally new group, Vento, Ziggy, Hawk & McCarthy. The newly written “title song” of Vento’s 2019 album, "Love, Lust & Wreckage, is now the groups first single.

Following the success of his previous solo releases and his collaboration with The Nied's Hotel Band, Vento has once again teamed up with producer and multi-instrumentalist David Granati to create a stripped-down, traditional country track. The song was written by Shane McLaughlin and Bob “Ziggy” Zigerelli and features Vento on vocals, Zigerelli on acoustic guitar and vocals, Cherylann Hawk on sandblock and vocals, and Kevin McCarthy on mandolin and vocals.

The acoustic guitar driven track offers a personal look at internal struggles. "It can't be wrong, if it feels all right," the group sings in perfect harmony. Stuck on the hamster wheel of wrong choices, the song serves as an ode to those who find a barstool home.

Vento says, "We've all worked together for years, primarily in the studio, and just decided to formalize the group this past August, as a performing band."

When asked in an interview why he didn't record a title track for the award-winning “Love, Lust and Other Wreckage” album, Vento admitted that he simply didn't think about it. However, when radio host David Bowers suggested that it would make a great country song, Vento knew he had to make it happen.

The song, which was recorded in just three hours at Granati's studio, perfectly captures the essence of Vento's autobiographical album, which tells the story of his struggles with relationships and the impact they have had on his love for music.

In addition to his successful music career, Vento is also a dedicated family man and a successful businessman in Pittsburgh. He has been nominated for and won multiple awards for his music and charitable work, including his involvement in Band Together Pittsburgh, an organization dedicated to helping people on the autism spectrum.

Vento is also the proprietor of Steamworks Collective, a cozy listening room, located in Hampton Twp., that has become a haven for musicians and fans alike, allowing for a more intimate and personal music experience.


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