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Voice Alum Orlando Mendez Comes To Terms With Heartache In Gritty New Track "Long Gone Lullaby"

Orlando Mendez is finally letting the past go, but packing a one two punch as he walks away.

Country music's own Cuban Cowboy strikes again with his gritty new take on getting over a breakup with the clever Long Gone Lullaby. From the jump listeners know that this song will pack a punch with its sharp guitar and upbeat feel. Embracing the freedom that comes with finally being over a breakup, Mendez helps fans weather the storms of emotion and shows that the light is at the end of the heartache tunnel. Wishing his ex the best recalling that she will "know every line," proves as a liberating escape for the witty singer/songwriter.

"'Long Gone Lullaby' is my second released single. The song is a country/rock breakup anthem, which begins with sweet melodies before launching into an energetic chorus that takes the listener through the full range of heartbreak emotions," Mendez said in a press statement.

Channeling his Cuban roots, Mendez opens up a whole new side to country music. Blending strong visuals with a more rock essence proves to be a strong suit for Orlando. And it is not just us that thinks that, the Voice Alum got a four chair turn during his debut on season 22. Now the Miami native finds himself smack dap in the middle of music city!

"They made sacrifices so I could be here today pursuing the American dream and trying to make a name for myself in the world of country music.”

Currently in the process of releasing his debut EP, his aim is to bring the vibrancy and energy of his background to the truth and simplicity of country music. Orlando Mendez is on his way to making his mark!


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