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Wade Bowen Celebrates New Album With Intimate Pop Up Show In Nashville.

Wade Bowen just released his highly-anticipated new album, Somewhere Between The Secret And The Truth (via Thirty Tigers), a 12-track project written by Bowen alongside some of Nashville’s most sought-after songwriters.

Bowen, who has been releasing music for over two decades, continues to push himself as an artist, songwriter, and storyteller throughout the project.

“I’ve got some stories to tell about why I wrote certain songs, but this one here has no story at all,” he shared to fans at the Analog at Hutton Hotel audience, kicking off the ” “Some nights you just want to let go; let loose; let your drunk alter ego come out and have some fun – here we go!”

Bowen performed the full track list throughout the night, sharing anecdotes from the creative process along the way and remarking on the special opportunity to get to perform a full album live in its entirety. There is something truly special about watching an artist perform a project from front to back. "We will try to get through these songs" Bowen laughed. But being there to witness a live performance of a whole album for the first time is nothing short of magic, and proved me us that Wade Bowen's talent and creative process shows no bounds.

With live music back in full swing and a newfound spark for writing and recording music, Bowen took on the role of sole producer for the project for the first time. He found inspiration in the ‘80s and ‘90s country music he loved and created a sound that was made for a live atmosphere.

“With this record the last couple years, I found a newfound energy but along with that I dove into ‘80s and ‘90s country, which I’ve always been such a fan of,” Bowen reflected when introducing “The Secret To This Town” midway through his set. “I started writing more along those lines and I think that’s where the production and everything came from on this record.”

Singer/songwriter Ray Fulcher then joined Bowen on stage for their cowrite “If You Don’t Miss Me,” while Clint Ingersoll also made an appearance during their cowrite “Knowing Me Like I Do,” both receiving excited applause and cheers from the singing audience.

Before Bowen wrapped the 12 songs off the new album, he shared that the title track "Somewhere Between the Secret and the Truth" was the last to be written. "I wrote this song the day after we finished the album," Bowen told the crowd. "Then I had to call everyone back into the studio because I knew this was the title track," Wade chuckled.

While the album has only been out a few days, looking around seeing fans sing along to new songs shows the power that Wade Bowen has with his music.

But it wouldn't be a full Wade Bowen experience without the classics. Bowen launched into a rapid-fire succession of fan-favorites – taking requests along the way – as he thrilled the crowd with a career spanning selection of songs, including medleys from his 2021 EP Where Phones Don’t Work to the grand finale of hits “Sun Shines on a Dreamer” and “Saturday Night.”

Wade Bowen new album speaks truth back into country music and we are excited to see what's next.

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