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Want To Dress Like Lainey Wilson? Now You Can Thanks To A Collab With Lil Bees Bohemian Boutique

January 5th 2023

Lainey Wilson has been quite a trending topic over the past few weeks! Not only his her voice out of this world, her "Country With A Flair" style is second to none. Her signature style has been catching the eyes of fans, and the boho feel has taken over many woman's clothing stores. Well, search no further than Lil Bees Bohemian, a boutique also known for free-spirited vibes and boho trends. Lainey helped design pieces that bring her style to your closet with flair.

“Lainey Wilson collaborates with Lil Bees Bohemian to bring you a collection of pieces that are kind redneck, kinda hollywood, and 100% bell bottom country,” the boutique website says.

Lainey's signature stripped flair pants are already SOLD OUT! With hopes to be restocked soon! The collection also has a stunning top, another fun pair of bell bottoms as well as an embroidered scarf!

The popular boutique took to Instagram to share the exciting news!

After a video of her performing in leopard pants went viral on TikTokbecause of how her butt looked in the flared bottoms, noticed the attention and responded with flair only the CMA winner can!

Photos Via Lil Bee's

"I can't even scroll on TikTok on my 'For You' page without seeing my fat butt on everything," Wilson said in a video posted on Dec. 15. "It says hashtag-trend! Whatever brings the people in, whatever brings the people in! But I'm just letting y'all know, go check out my record, Bell Bottom Country. Happy to have ya either way. However you found me, I'm happy. I'm happy you're here!"

Lainey will be bringing her flair and killer vocals on the road this year with her own sold out tour, and will be joining fellow CMA winner Luke Combs on his own world tour!

We are looking forward to more fashion forward moments from the Louisiana queen!

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