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Warren Zeiders Celebrates First Number One Single "Pretty Little Poison" at BMI Number One Party

Nashville, TN – Warren Zeiders, the breakout star of country music, has achieved a significant milestone in his career. His single "Pretty Little Poison" has ascended to the coveted number one spot on the charts, an accomplishment celebrated at a vibrant BMI Number One Party. The event was filled with industry insiders, fellow musicians, and media outlets, all eager to congratulate the rising star. All Country News had the pleasure of sitting down with Warren to discuss his journey and the success of his chart-topping hit.

Warren Zeiders' rise to fame has been nothing short of meteoric. With his signature blend of raw emotion and relatable storytelling, "Pretty Little Poison" has struck a chord with fans across the nation. When asked about why he thought the song resonated so deeply with his audience, Warren's response was heartfelt and insightful.

"I think at this point of the game, it's not my song anymore. It's not even our song. It's their song and I think that's fun for them because they take ownership of it," Warren said with a smile. "And I think it's important for me to let them have ownership and let them have this song and let them have that moment. Because whether your Pretty Little Poison is a girl, whether you're a girl and your Pretty Little Poison is a guy, or whether it's just the vice in your life that you know is not good for you but you keep coming back to it, everyone can relate to this song in so many different realms because we all deal with our own inner demons."

This sense of shared ownership and personal connection has undoubtedly played a significant role in the song's success. Fans see their own experiences reflected in the lyrics, making "Pretty Little Poison" a powerful anthem for many.

Discussing the recording process, Warren opened up about the challenges he faced and the pressure he put on himself to deliver a hit. "I talk about it openly, but it was tough because to a sports background credit, I put a lot of pressure on myself and we can get caught up on the word perfection and there's no such thing as perfection in music. It's an art form, it's a thing. So in my mind, I was chasing the perfect vocal and I'm like, I got to sing this with conviction."

Warren's candidness about his struggle for perfection reveals the intense dedication behind his music. He shared that it took multiple attempts to find the right balance between technical precision and emotional authenticity. "Then I took a step back and I was like, it's not the perfect vocal. You can hit all the notes perfectly, however you want to do it, but it's the character. And I really had to sink into that moment in time of who I was."

Reflecting on the pivotal moment in the studio, Warren recounted, "I listened back to the demo vocal when I was in the studio, and I was just kind of like, how did I approach this? What was I doing? Because sometimes it's hard to beat those demo vocals because you're not thinking about it, you're just in the moment and you're not overthinking. But listen to that, took a step away from it, I must have sung this song over a hundred times in the studio."

His persistence paid off one late night after several days of recording. "I finally sank my teeth into it, sang a one take of the chorus, and we listened back, I was like, that's the guy, I believe that person's singing back to me, that's what we're gonna go with."

Warren's commitment to authenticity is evident in his final thoughts on the recording process. "Because I knew this song was special, and I was like, if I gotta live with this damn song, I better believe the guy singing it on streaming platforms, on social media, on the radio, on all this stuff. Because if I don't believe you, no one else is gonna believe the song."

The celebration at the BMI Number One Party was not just a testament to Warren Zeiders' talent but also a recognition of his perseverance and dedication to his craft. As he basks in the success of "Pretty Little Poison," Warren continues to look ahead, promising more music that resonates with the authenticity and emotional depth that have quickly become his trademarks.


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