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WATCH: Adam Doleac Met His "Biggest Fan" At CMA Fest

We can't get over how sweet this interaction is between country singer/songwriter Adam Doleac and an adorable fan!

Back in June, Adam performed at CMA Fest in Nashville. During his Sony Music showcase at ACME Feed And Seed, the Mississippi native gave the fans exactly what they were asking for by performing his single "Biggest Fan."

“Do we have any questions in the audience,” Adam told the packed crowd. Little did the Mississippi native know that his biggest fan was about to blow him away.

Dawning a pink cowgirl hat with blingy tiara and the perfect light up sketchers, Adam spotted perhaps his biggest fan in the crowd and invited her on stage. It is hit or miss how kids respond to this moment, but just watch this little gal upstage Adam.

“My name is Caden Byers,” the young girl said proudly. Clearly thrown off by her oozing confidence, Adam knew he had picked the right fan. But it gets better. “I wanted to sing with you,” she told Adam. But not just any song. Caden wanted to sing Close That Tab, the upbeat bar love song off Adam’s album Barstool Whiskey Wonderland. “Interesting,” Doleac said with a grin.


Video Thanks To Jonesworks

Well the rest is history. Caden sang the chorus to much delight of her parents, Adam, his band and the crowd. Proudly singing from Adam’s lap Caden belted

You better close that tab, close that tab

He ain't pouring nothing but a heartache in your glass

Shut it down, send it back

Why you wanna spend another happy hour sad

Everybody and your momma told ya

He's a watered-down vodka soda

So, sign that line, drop his ass

Yeah, baby, close that tab

And start one with me

Yeah, that's right

Aw, yeah

Well she didn’t miss a beat!

Adam grew up being an athlete and musician, doing both of what he loved. In college he became a baseball star while playing at the University of Southern Missouri and got to play in the College World Series. He ultimately had a heart for music, and when his song "Travel On" became increasingly popular on YouTube, he knew he was destined to pursue music full time and leave baseball behind.

Adam has a contemporary country sound with some pop/rock mixed in. Some of his most well-known songs include: "Famous," "Coulda Loved You Longer," "Another," "Somewhere Cool With You," and "Drinkin It Wrong." Adam has also collaborated with other country artists like Kenny Chesney, Darius Rucker, and Rascal Flatts. He is also on tour this year in Nebraska, Montana, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Delaware, and Canada!

While all of his songs are amazing, he was visibly surprised by what her favorite song of his was. However, he coached her through the whole song, and it made for the cutest moment between these two!


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