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WATCH: Chris Young Gifts Fan A One Of A Kind David Bowie Themed Guitar At Recent Show

Talk about a great souvenir! Over the weekend at Voices of America Country Music Fest Chris Young gifted a fan a one of a kind guitar! But why is it so special?

Via Instagram Screenshot

Well if you are also a fan of the iconic David Bowie, you may recognize the lick in Chris' single Young Love & Saturday Nights. The guitar run is inspired by Bowie's 1974 song Rebel Rebel off his Diamond Dogs album. So you know what that means? The late Bowie is a writer on the song! How cool is that!

"If you're wondering why the Bowie sticker, for Young Love and Saturday Nights, obviously that lick is Rebel Rebel," Chris explains. "So [the writers] decided to create something new using that lick instead of picking up a sample, but using that to create a brand new song.... He [Bowie] is credited as a writer because they used the lick from Rebel Rebel and that was something that was done completely intentionally," Chris goes on to say.

To celebrate the one of a kind collaboration, Chris stuck a Bowie sticker on his guitar! "Not every day you get to cut a country song with @davidbowie credited as a writer. Thankful to have been trusted to release this one!!! 🎸" Chris captioned a post on his social media.

Chris is currently touring throughout the summer while his single Looking For You is climbing the charts!


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