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WATCH: Cody Johnson Shows His American Pride At Recent Show In Arkansas

The country superstar showed his pride with his rendition of "God Bless America" at a recent show.

Via Raegan Oldridge TikTok

Cody Johnson has never shied away from sharing his feelings. Using his platform to share his thoughts and feelings on stage, Cody has always used a portion of his show to bring people together. At a recent show in Arkansas, he did just that.

"Religion, gender, politics, they tried to divide us all up. Guess what, when I was a kid, my grandpa told me something. If your grandpa and my grandpa would have asked each other who they voted for, they would fight more if they stepped out and looked at each other's ass in the parking lot over there," Cody continued.

"I challenge you to do something," he told his sold out crowd. "Don't tell anybody who you vote for. Let anybody's business. Do you want to know why? Because before most of us were born, an American soldier gave his or her life for us to have the freedom to disagree in the first place. I'm not about division. I'm about unity. There are three things that matter to me. Red. White and Blue."

I want to take the opportunity that I have with this microphone," Johnson continued. "This ain't about number one hits on the radio, this ain't about making money, this is about me doing something that I believe in for American patriotism."

Perhaps we would learn a thing or two from Cody!


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