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WATCH: Country Songstress Taylor Sanders Is Doing Country Music Her Way With New 'Firecracker" Video

January 25th 2023

Country -pop powerhouse Taylor Sanders is as fiery as her read hair. The Nashville resident's new anthem "Firecracker" truly embodies what Sanders is all about!

Photo Courtesy of Perkins Publicity

Pulling inspiration from other country music "firecrackers" Dolly Parton and Patsy Cline, Taylor isn't afraid to be herself. Taylor's signature twang backed with a fun steady drum beat tell the story of a strong woman who isn't afraid of her own shadow. The video and song oozes self confidence and empowers fans to as well.

With lyrics like "I light it up big bold and loud just like the 4th of July" and "Yea, I got a short fuse, I'm a baddie two-shoes, Knock 'em out of their boots," helps listeners to embrace their wild side.

"Firecracker" was co-created with a decorated team of music creators who have worked with top artists like Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion, and Carrie Underwood. Taylor's "Firecracker" is the perfect balance between the traditional country and modern pop worlds. The fast pace music video is fun and energetic, and makes it easy to be drawn to Taylor's natural spunk!

When Taylor isn't working on new music she spends her free time raising awareness for skin cancer by working with The Melanoma Research Foundation on their “#GetNaked. It may save your life” campaign.

"I wrote Firecracker to be empowered through my diagnosis and to empower others as they overcome their obstacles. Today, I am an advocate for early skin cancer detection with, and my mission is to raise awareness about the importance of cancer screenings and to promote being confident in the healthy skin you’re in!" Well Taylor clearly lived up to her goal with the new song and matching video!

Taylor is just getting started and we have a feeling that her natural star power will continue to SHINE!

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