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WATCH: Exclusive Release Of Bubba Bellin's New Music Video For "Pony"

On a mission to make "country music funky again" Texas native Bubba Bellin is going back to his roots with is cover of the Ginuwine hit "Pony."

A mix of western soul with steel guitar, and a dose of his signature Texas Funktry, Bubba Bellin is not your typical Red Dirt/Americana songwriter. The Forth Worth staple takes the steel guitar of 70’s Waylon, the dynamic vocals of 90’s R&B and the lyrical storytelling of a great country song and presses it into a Bubba stamped record.

"I have always loved music, but I started writing songs my senior year at TCU," Bubba told ACN. "I traveled and worked with horses for a while, then I started doing open mic nights. Then my dad talked me into buying a pedal steele. I have always love how they had sounded, and playing pedal for others sounded like a better day job."

From their, Bubba's "Funktry" blossomed. A mix of R&B soul backed by traditional country instruments creates a unique sound that we can't get enough of.

A skilled songwriter, Bubba has also always put alot of pride into his stage presence as well. "Pony quickly became a favorite at show," Bubba told us. "On night I pumped up the crowed by dedicating the song to all the ranchers and barrel racers in the venue. I was nervous, but I was confident that my twist on the cult classic would impress." Clearly the Fort Worth resident was right. His twist on the R&B classic has made even the strongest cowboys really get down.

"I really love the idea of a country and R&B crossover. Some of that "old country" is just funky. I want to bring that sound back. Most of my favorite songs are 60's and 70's country. I miss having that sound in modern country."

Bubba Bellin's funktry cover of "Pony" captures Bubba's musically creative mind. It is easy just to cover a song, but Bellin's arraginemet and integration of those classic country sounds truly takes the song to a whole new level.

"I wanted to mix sexy and goofy with the music video," Bubba laughed. "I think it speaks to who I am as both an artist and a person."

While Bubba has been ingrained in the Fort Worth Country scene for sometime now, playing Billy Bob’s a few weeks ago for the first time as an artist (he’s played there before as a pedal steel sideman) he has been deeply inspired by the Fort Worth R&B scene. Playing with Legacy 4 and now finishing another single with R&B/Hip Hip producer Ty Macklin (at AOE studios off Lancaster) the soul influence has been a hit of fresh air in Bubba’s songwriting and creative experience.

“I know it’s different, I wanted to make music that was unique to who I was and all the roads I’ve traveled down in my life.” From playing old school country classics at Luckenbach to singing his own brand of Texas Funktry at Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth, Bubba isn’t trying to emulate anyone or anything.

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