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WATCH: Hardy Gets A Makeover By an 11-Year-Old

This 11-year-old got quite the opportunity to give Hardy a little makeover at the Welcome to Rockville music festival in Daytona.

This festival takes place annually at the Daytona International Speedway and is a hard rock and heavy metal concert. Bobby Amaru is in a band called Salvia and was attending this rock festival. Hardy who was also performing at the fest ran into Bobby and his daughter. Bobby captured the sweetest moment between Hardy and his little girl, as Hardy sat patiently in his chair awaiting his hair to be braided.

The dad asked, "Has an 11-year-old ever braided your hair?"

Hardy laughed and responded, "No, first time."

Hardy has accomplished quite a bit already this year. He released his album the mockingbird & THE CROW in January, and it is a mix of country and hard rock music together. Just earlier this month Hardy also won big at the 2023 CMA awards, walking away with: Artist-songwriter of the year, Visual media of the year with Wait in the Truck (ft. Lainey Wilson), and Music event of the year also with Wait in the Truck (ft. Lainey Wilson).

While Hardy is up to big things, he took a minute to sit down and enjoy his hair being braided.

The two got a picture together once she was done, and while we didn't get to see the end result because he immediately put his hat back on, we know his braids looked awesome!


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