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WATCH: HARDY Shares Some Tough Love Advice For Young Songwriters On Latest Episode Of The Ten Year Town Podcast,"You Can't Have A Plan B"

The superstar sat down with Music Row veteran Troy Cartwright to chat about his Nashville journey.

Jason Kempin for GETTY/ Ten Year Town Podcast

On the heels of his surprise single 'QUIT!!" inspired by his own Nashville journey, HARDY joined Troy Cartwright on the Ten Year Town Podcast to share some hard hitting advice for young songwriters. HARDY, who cut his teeth playing writers rounds and writing hit songs for others, is the perfect person to take advice from.

"It's hard to take this advice, but something that I noticed that I did, and I didn't even know I did it, was that you cannot have a plan B," HARDY shared. "You have to manifest that it is going to work, and at some point, it's gonna work, and you don't, you just, you have to be so stupid about it, like so blindly stupid about it."

"But I just, when I moved here, I never, I didn't think like I'm gonna be a big star, I'm gonna be a big hit songwriter, but I definitely did not move here and say, well, if it doesn't work out, I can always move back home. I just moved here and I said, I'm gonna be a songwriter. This is what I'm gonna do with my life. And I didn't, just did not have a plan B."

HARDY continued to share that it was a hard mindset to stick to, however, it was his ending statement that packed a punch. "Don't even talk about moving home. Don't ever think about it. Just come up here and do it. Just come up here and do it." True words to live by, whatever your dream is! Clearly they resonated as fans poured into the comments, even getting a nod from Ronnie Dunn.

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