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WATCH: Jameson Rodgers Pranks HARDY On The Last Night Of "The mockingbird & THE CROW Tour"

It comes as no surprise that Jameson Rodgers and HARDY had a killer time on this leg of HARDY's mockingbird & THE CROW Tour.

This past weekend during the last stretch of the tour, Jameson Rodgers who has been direct support took it is his own hands to end the tour in style.

The longtime friend of HARDY played to both off of their love of hunting by simulating a deer hunt right on stage.

Thanks To Red Light Mgmt Photo Jody Chappell

"The band is dressed up as deer," Rodgers whispered while loaded up a Nerf Gun. Sean Van Fleet, a member of the band Blame My Youth also joined in on the fun by dressing up as a pink bunny.

During HARDY's song KILL SH!T TILL I DIE off his record the mockingbird & THE CROW the pranksters stormed the stage. HARDY and his band loved the prank and even joined in on the fun!

The final night of the tour was an emotional one for HARDY who shared a carousel of photos from his biggest solo sell out to date.

"Irving, TX. Wow. Biggest sellout to date. What a way to end The Mockingbird & The Crow tour. To the fans, thank you so much for selling out every 👏 single 👏 show."


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