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WATCH: Jelly Roll Gives Powerful Testimony About The Deadly Effects Of Fentanyl "I Am The Perfect Person To Talk About This."

Add activist to Jelly's long and impressive resume.

Via CSPAN YouTube

From the streets of Nashville, to the CMA Awards stage, and now to congress. Today (January 11th) Jelly sat before the Senate Banking Committee to give his first had perspective on the fentanyl epidemic.

After Jelly's powerful CMA Awards acceptance speech, it comes as zero surprise that Jelly should also add speaker to his resume. From the moment he opened his mouth, raw conviction poured out of the superstar. Jelly was quick to point out that while he is a Grammy nominated artist, he is also a felon. With that, he also stated that he has zero political agenda, thus making him the best person to speak on the endemic.

"I am neither Democrat nor Republican. In fact, because of my past, my right to vote has been restricted. Thus far, I have never paid attention to a political race in my life. Ironically, I think that makes me the perfect person to speak about this, because fentanyl transcends partisanship and ideology, gentlemen and women. This is a totally different problem."

"190 people a day overdose and die every single day in the United States of America. That is about a 737 plane. That's what about a 737 aircraft can carry. Could you imagine the national media attention it would get if they were reporting that a plane was crashing every single day and killing 190 people? people. But because it's 190 drug addicts, we don't feel that way. Because America has been known to bully and shame drug addicts, instead of dealing and trying to understand what the actual root of the problem is with that. But the sad news is that that narrative is changing too, because the statistics say that in all likelihood, almost every person has lost a friend, family member, or colleague to the disease known as addiction."

Stoicly, Jelly continued to share how much that Fentanyl has personally touched his life. "I’ve attended more funerals than I care to share with y’all. I could sit here and cry for days about the caskets I’ve carried of people I love dearly, deeply, in my soul.

Good people. Not just drug addicts. Uncles, friends, cousins, normal people, some people that just got in a car wreck and started taking a pain pill to manage it. One thing led to another. How fast it spirals out of control, I don’t think people truly, truly understand.”

Jelly was also quick to point out, that as a former Nashville drug dealer he was not glorifying drug dealing or defending them, and even poked fun at the irony of the whole situation.

"I was a part of the problem. I am here now standing as a man that wants to be part of the solution.I brought my community down. I hurt people. I was the uneducated man in the kitchen playing chemist with drugs I knew absolutely nothing about, just like these drug dealers are doing right now when they’re mixing every drug on the market with fentanyl. And they’re killing the people we love.”

Perhaps the most impactful part of the testimony was when Jelly called out big Pharma themselves. Name dropping the infamous Sackler family who was blamed for the OxyContin problems in the mid 90s.

“I’m here to tell y’all that fentanyl is going to make the Sackler family look like saints.”

You can watch the full powerful testimony below.


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