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WATCH: Jelly Roll Ignites the Grand Ole Opry Stage With Unreleased Track "Lair"

Country music fans, hold onto your hats, because Jelly Roll just turned up the heat at the Grand Ole Opry like never before!

Via TikTok

The larger-than-life sensation hit the iconic stage this past Tuesday April 16th with a brand-new song that set the whole place ablaze with its fiery energy. If you thought you knew Jelly Roll, think again, because he's breaking new ground and leaving audiences breathless with each electrifying performance. "Can I sing some new music for y'all," Jelly asked the packed Opry house!

The Grand Ole Opry has seen its fair share of legendary moments, but Jelly Roll's debut of "Lair" was a seismic event that had jaws dropping and boots stomping in unison. From the moment he stepped into the spotlight, Jelly Roll commanded the stage with his signature blend of raw emotion, gritty vocal and unbridled passion. It's the kind of performance that reminds you why country music is more than just a genre—it's a way of life.

"Lair" isn't just another song—it's a powerhouse anthem that hits you right in the heart and refuses to let go. With lyrics that cut deep and a melody that soars to new heights, Jelly Roll proves once again why he's a force to be reckoned with in the world of country music. From the first note to the last, "Lair" is a journey of self-discovery and redemption that resonates with anyone who's ever felt the weight of the world on their shoulders, and has the ability to be Jelly's next big hit!

“Saying drink another whiskey,

Pop another pill,

Money makes you happy,

Heaven isn’t real.

You won’t find nobody to love because your heart’s too broke.

Now I know, you ain’t nothing but a liar,

Yeah I walk right out that fire,

Yeah you try to keep me down,

Try to put me underground, 

I know we’re going higher.”

Jelly Roll unleashed "Lair" upon the Grand Ole Opry house, and the rest is history. With its irresistible hooks and undeniable energy, the song had fans on their feet and begging for more. It's the kind of moment that defines a career and cements Jelly Roll's status as one of country music's brightest stars.

So if you haven't experienced Jelly Roll live, what are you waiting for? With his electrifying performances and unforgettable songs, he's taking the country music world by storm one stage at a time. Don't miss your chance to be a part of the magic—get your tickets now and see Jelly Roll in action before it's too late!


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