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WATCH: Karley Scott Collins to Make Grand Ole Opry Debut Thanks to Surprise Call from Keith Urban

The country music world is buzzing with excitement as breakout songstress Karley Scott Collins is set to make her Grand Ole Opry debut on June 26th, a milestone that represents the pinnacle of achievement for those chasing their country music dreams. This opportunity, extended by none other than country superstar Keith Urban, comes on the heels of their recent collaboration on Collins' "Write One" EP.

Credit Matthew Berinato

Karley shared the exhilarating news with her fans through a heartfelt video on Instagram, captioning it, "I’m playing at the Grand Ole Opry😭 this is the real definition of a dream come true for me. Everyone I’ve ever looked up to has played on that stage, and I’m so grateful to the Opry for giving me the opportunity to join them and stand in that circle on June 26th. I will not be sleeping until then😅 also getting this call from @keithurban was literally the best surprise ever!!!"

In the video, Karley beams with joy as she recounts the unforgettable moment she received the life-changing phone call from Keith Urban. Urban, known for his generosity and support of rising stars, delivered the news in the most heartwarming way. "Hey, I'm calling to let you know, I'm imagining this might be something that's on your bucket list, it was certainly on mine. You're gonna get to perform on the Opry in the hallowed center circle," Keith told Karley.

For any country artist, performing at the Grand Ole Opry is more than just a gig—it's a rite of passage. The historic stage has been graced by the legends of country music, from Hank Williams to Dolly Parton, and now, Karley Scott Collins will add her name to this prestigious list. The honor reflects not only her immense talent but also her dedication and passion for the genre.

The collaboration between Urban and Collins on her "Write One" EP has been a significant step in her burgeoning career, blending her soulful voice with Urban's masterful production. Their musical chemistry is evident, and this next chapter promises even greater things for Karley as she takes the Opry stage. As June 26th approaches, the anticipation builds, and Karley's excitement is palpable. "I will not be sleeping until then," she confessed, her enthusiasm infectious. Fans and fellow artists alike are eagerly waiting to see her shine in the spotlight of the Opry's storied stage.

For Karley Scott Collins, this debut is a dream realized, a testament to her hard work and the support of mentors like Keith Urban. It’s a moment that encapsulates the spirit of country music—a blend of tradition, talent, and unyielding dreams.


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