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WATCH: Kelsea Ballerini Calls "Dibs" On this Fan By Inviting Her On Stage

This fan got her "15 minutes of fame" by getting to come on stage and sing one of Kelsea's hit songs Dibs.

Before the concert, this fan made a sign to hold up at the show that said, "Kelsea. I call dibs on singing with you tonight!" Her manifestation and determination paid off when Kelsea handed her the microphone and was shocked by the beautiful singing she heard.

Later in her show, Kelsea made this fans night by pulling her on stage and letting her take over her show. Kelsea, being the ultimate hype queen she is, watched and danced along, supporting this sweet fan.

Kelsea has had an amazing career so far. Her career started in 2015 with her very first album The First Time. Since then, she has released 5 more record breaking albums, and many singles. Her most recent single, Rolling Up the Welcome Mat, has taken the world by storm as it shares about her divorce and healing from her past marriage. She has been touring all over singing her hit songs, and healing with her fans through her new album. She has achieved three Grammy award nominations, won two ACM and CMA awards, top ten country Billboard entries, iHeart radio music awards, and many other career nominations.

Kelsea has achieved much success, and it is heartwarming to see her share so much with her fans, including her spotlight by letting this fan sing right up on stage.

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