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WATCH: Lainey Wilson Signs Biggest Fan's Forehead At Recent Show.

February 4th 2023

How can you not love Lainey Wilson! The reigning CMA Female Vocalist of the year who is known for her signature style, unmatched stage presence, and killer vocals also has a soft spot for her fans.

Via TikTok Screenshot

Lainey's no bs confidence is now inspiring the next generation of country music fans! Lainey's TikTok has helped showcase the singers personality and given her a direct way to connect to her fans.

On January 13th Lainey dueted a TikTok with Maddie (@ilovelaineywilson) a with a young fan who stated she was getting teased for dressing like the star. Wilson, who isn't afraid to speak her mind assured the young fan. "You were made to stand out, not fit in. You keep doing for thang," Lainey said.

The video clearly resonated with other fans as it gained 670k views and hundreds of comments.

Well in a country music twist of fate Maddie and Lainey were able to meet! Maddie attended Lainey's sold out show in New York City and the rest is country music magic! Maddie caught Lainey's eye with a sign that read "Will you sign my forehead." Lainey loved the idea and brought Maddie on stage.

"I saw you on TikTok," Lainey told Maddie in a video captured by Lainey's TikTok Fanclub "Fastlainers."

Not only did Maddie get her forehead signed by the CMA winner but Lainey asked Maddie to sign hers as well! You have to watch!

Lainey's genuine connection with her fans is something that is rare these days. We know that Lainey and Maddie will continue to be great examples of what "Country With A Flair" means!

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