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WATCH: Lauren Alaina And Blake Shelton Shake It To "Thicc As Thieves"

After the release of Lauren Alaina and Lainey Wilsons hit song "Thicc As Thieves," a new dance trend broke out.

Via Lauren Alaina Instagram

Lauren graced us with this awesome video of she and Blake doing her dance!

Alaina has been extremely successful, and has had three chart-topping hits, is a 7-time platinum winner, and she most recently just released her new album, "Unlocked," which has already been extremely successful.

Blake Shelton has had a massively successful career so far as well. He has been nominated for 9 Grammy Awards, is a 10-time CMA award winner, a 6-time ACM award winner, and many more awards that have positively impacted his career. He just most recently retired from being one of our favorite judges on The Voice, after giving us 12 years and 23 seasons. Blake has also blessed us with a tour this year, at many different locations in the United States, and Canada.

With all of Blakes accomplishments, we never knew dancing was a part of that list!

Many celebrities and fellow country music stars have commented on this post saying:

"I truly almost peed my pants watching this." -Carly Pearce
"Omggggg too good." -Tigirlily Gold

We think Lauren and Blake are a great pair, and we sure hope to see more dancing videos in the future!


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