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WATCH: Levi Hummon Performs "Paying For It" at All Country News

All Country News had the pleasure of welcoming Levi Hummon as he travels across the country promoting his summer hits “Good Riddance” and “Paying For It.” After coming straight from his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, Hummon arrived in Los Angeles where he will be staying for the next week, continuing to play and promote his music.

We at All Country News had the pleasure of grabbing him for an interview and a live performance. The 32 year old country artist expressed his gratitude for his fans as his song, “Good Riddance” has been used over 82,000 times through TikTok where fans express their creativity by creating lighthearted dances and other videos corresponding to his audio.

Hummon also opened up to us about his dear friend, Walker Hayes who took TikTok by storm earlier this year with his song “Fancy Like.” Hayes is featured within Hummon’s new song “Paying For It.”

Hummon showed his appreciation for his peer as he expressed the level of comfort he finds working with fellow friends, especially when in Nashville. Hummon took the time to perform both of his songs “Good Riddance” and “Paying For It” with All Country News. Guitar in hand, it is clear the impact country music has had on the young artist as his star studded composure and passion for the art is undeniable.

Stream Levi Hummon's music by clicking HERE!


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